Aunt Tilly will be ready for you from 10:00 am with a delicious brunch.

She then serves sweet and savory dishes that consist of a combination of luxurious sandwiches with fish, meat, vegetarian, a delicious soup and sweet treats.

18,95 p.p.


For the kids, Aunt Tilly has a casino sandwich, mini croissant & churros, served with mini sprinkles, jam & nutella.

*please indicate in the reservation how many children you are coming with.

9,50 p.p.

*Brunch is only served per table.


For lunch from 11:30 am and dinner from 5:00 pm, Aunt Tilly is ready for you with her favorite sharing menu.

She serves a selection of dishes chosen by the chef, varied in: cold, warm, fish, meat and vegetarian. The dishes are served with bread and side dishes.

For dessert she uses the same principle and puts the most delicious sweets on the table and, if desired, she serves a delicious cheese plate. (+4,50 p.p.)

39,95 p.p.

starters to share

main courses to share

Dessert to share

Would you rather order from the menu? That’s no problem! You can choose in the restaurant.


Aunt Tilly presents the children’s menu for the kids, so that it is also a party for her beloved kids to sit at her table.

Do the kids prefer to eat from the sharing menu?
This is possible! Please indicate this in the reservation.