Frequently asked questions

Tante Tilly is always ready to answer your questions, preferably as soon as possible. She does not like to wait, so she already answered some of the most frequently asked questions

Is your answer not listed? Feel free to contact us by calling or sending an email.

Opening hours

Every Day 10:30-22:30

Kitchen opening hours

Every Day11:30-22:30


Large(r) groups are more than welcome at Tante Tilly. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we apply different conditions for groups of 11 or more people. If you would like more information about lunch or dinner with a group, please send an email to info@tantetilly.nl or look under the heading ‘reservation.’


Dogs are allowed at Tante Tilly’s, provided they remain calm. The four-legged friends can also enjoy the sun on the terrace. We love to give them some water!

I am vegetarian, but I would like to eat at TANTE TILLY. Is there enough choice for me?

On our menu you will find a large number of vegetarian or even vegan dishes. There is undoubtedly something delicious for you on here! If you would prefer something different, our chefs would love to prepare something for you. We also advise you to report any allergies to our crew. We are also always available by email for questions or special dietary requirements: info@tantetilly.nl

Does your menu change regularly?

In addition to the famous Tante Tilly classics, we also have a number of changing dishes on our menu. The menu changes with the season, so you will find new dishes every season. Tante Tilly only works with honest and responsible products. That’s how she contributes!

We have something to celebrate, can we decorate our table ourselves?

Even though Tante Tilly certainly likes to party, we also like to take our other guests into account. In order not to let these end up in your party unintentionally, we keep decorations in our own hands. We can always provide a festive table. For more information, please contact us at info@tantetilly.nl

Are you also open during the holidays?

Of course we are! We always communicate our possible changed opening hours well in advance on our Facebook page. Check this page regularly to stay up to date with everything we have in store!

Is it recommended to book a reservation in advance?

To be sure of a spot, we recommend that you make a reservation. This is easiest via our online reservation system, here you can immediately see which time slots are still available. Unfortunately it is not possible to book via social media.

Can I just visit Tante Tilly without making a reservation?

We recommend that you make a reservation to avoid disappointment. But of course you are also welcome without reservation. If we don’t have a table available right away, you can always enjoy a drink at the bar until a spot becomes available.

Can I just drop by TANTE TILLY for a drink?

You are welcome for a drink at our bar. In addition, the kitchen has delicious appetizers and small dishes that go perfectly with a delicious drink.

I have a complaint, how can I make this known?

Of course we do everything we can to let our guests enjoy the best possible stay. But of course something can always go wrong. If this is the case, we would like to hear about it. In fact, we prefer to hear everything that could be done better. Only in this way can we continue to develop and improve.

Ask for the manager at the moment, or send an e-mail to info@tantetilly.nl at a later date

What are the various payment options at Tante Tilly?
  • Maestro
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • VPAY
  • Giftcard The Big Family Group
  • Online Voucher Tante Tilly
  • On account (if notified in advance to the administration department)
  • E-invoicing, €40 administration cost